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To provide a reliable and affordable courier service option to the market. We realize that reliability that timeliness is an utmost consideration of potential customers availing of the courier services. Our experience as users gives us the first person experience which for us is the advantage -our serives are based on continous improvement and customer focus in mind because we are customers ourselves.

More than that -affordability of our rates is another area we are confident on. We are reasonable and pocket friendly.

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COD fee is based on the amount to be collected

1 to 500.00 pesos - 20 pesos charge, Next 500 pesos - plus 10 pesos charge

If the amount is 700 - then cod fee is 30 pesos

700 + SF + COD fee = amount to be collected sa buyer. Ex : small pouch

700 + 70 + 30 = 800.00

Rider will collect : 100 pesos from you as SHIPPING FEE + handling fee And also collect 770 from the buyer

Remittance : Then 800 pesos will be deposited to ur bank accnt (bpi, bdo, gcash) within 2-3 days after rider remittance. All bank charges will be charge to the shipper . Deposit slip will be sent to you via FB messenger

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT COD INSTRUCTION IS WRITTEN ON THE WAYBILL INDICATING FULL AMOUNT TO BE COLLECTED (including all fees if applicable). Rider will only collect the amount written in the waybill.

3x delivery attempts will be made. If your buyer still failed to received or pay the items, we will shipped the item back to you (free of charge), all payments made to us is non refundable.

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